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what's up?!

i'm cayley. it's a pleasure to meet you

cayley credit

I graduated college with a degree in Business Management and Marketing and first went into a career in ops/logistics for a SaaS company. While grateful for the experience, I quickly realized that working for a large company was not for me. I wanted my career to feel more fulfilling. I wanted to feel like I was actually making a difference. 

Then, COVID broke the world. Thus, Little Bug Media was born. 


I worked with large tech companies, startups, record labels, music artists, landscapers, boutiques, coffee shops, hair stylists, and music promotion companies. 

Years later, here we are. I have dedicated my career to helping business owners bring their ideas to life and communicating their messages to consumers. I'm helping brand owners tell compelling stories through websites and branding, and I wouldn't have it any other way.


my driving force

In the current business environment, it's harder than ever to find trustworthy collaborators. Time and time again I have had clients regale me with tales of undelivered promises, sneaky price increases, and being straight-up ghosted. Not. Cool. 

I strive to erase these stereotypes and blow my clients away with my communication, transparency, integrity, and quality work. I respect your hustle as a business owner. I'm here to make your life EASIER, not HARDER. 


I live with my incredible husband, Sam, in Arvada, CO. We love to hike, travel, and try new restaurants!

a little about me

cute cat
cute cat

I am a bona-fide cat lady. These are our girls, Luna and Poppy.

cayley credit

I am passionate about fitness. I train in Krav Maga, and LOVE running obstacle races!

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