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zoe's coffee

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zoe's coffee logo

about the client

Zoe's Coffee is a small, family-owned coffee shop in Westminster, CO. They have been in business for 10 years, and their website needed a refresh.

The decision to infuse Zoe's Coffee's website with a cozy and inviting ambiance proved to be a transformative step for the business. Recognizing the profound importance of translating the comfort and warmth of their physical space into the digital realm, the team embarked on a journey to create an online platform that resonated with visitors just as their physical location did.

The incorporation of Tuscan design elements and the emphasis on cultivating a cozy atmosphere managed to encapsulate the ethos of Zoe's Coffee's physical space in a digital format.


What's even more impressive is the consistent growth in website traffic that followed. Month after month, the website continued to attract higher numbers of visitors, signaling the enduring impact of the design and ambiance changes.***

Successful website analytics

new site launch

a mockup of a coffee shop website on a laptop

***Please note that once the customer is given control of the site, they are free to make changes as they see fit. The current live site may not reflect my design choices if additional changes have been made. 

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