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Edgewater Wireless Edgewater Wireless is a prominent player in the wireless communications industry, recognized for its innovative technologies aimed at enhancing the performance and efficiency of Wi-Fi networks.  The company's primary focus revolves around developing and commercializing Multi-Channel Single Radio (MCSR™) technology, which revolutionizes the way Wi-Fi networks operate. 

Incorporating modern and sleek designs into Edgewater Wireless' website is essential to create a visually engaging and user-friendly online presence that aligns with the company's innovative technology offerings. The website's design should reflect the cutting-edge nature of Edgewater Wireless' products while ensuring a seamless user experience.

a mockup of a technology website on a laptop
a mockup of a technology website on a laptop

***Please note that once the customer is given control of the site, they are free to make changes as they see fit. The current live site may not reflect my design skills if additional changes have been made. 

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