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Konk Jams

about the client

KONK was a dance-funk afro-punk band that reached its peak in the 1980s. Ultimately, our creative pursuit was driven by a desire to encapsulate the rich tapestry of memories and emotions that KONK has woven into the fabric of many lives The photo collage served as a vessel, a portal, a visual symphony that transcended time and space. It invited us to revisit cherished moments, relive the emotions, and pay homage to the remarkable journey that KONK embarked upon. In the end, this creative endeavor was a tribute to the power of music, memory, and the everlasting connection it fosters.

a mockup of a web design project on a laptop

***Please note that once the customer is given control of the site, they are free to make changes as they see fit. The current live site may not reflect my design skills if additional changes have been made. 

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