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outlAws & moonshine

web design

In crafting this web design project, we embraced the spirit of Outlaws & Moonshine and skillfully translated it into a digital masterpiece. This endeavor serves as a testament to their evolution, a dynamic reflection of their journey from the heartland of Indiana to the grand global stage. As the band persists in serenading audiences with their whiskey-soaked anthems, their online presence now stands as an equally potent anthem to their enduring legacy.

We opted for a bold, all-black website theme to encapsulate the essence of the "badass outlaw" vibe. Black, a color synonymous with power, mystery, and rebellion, was our immediate choice to establish an edgy tone that seamlessly resonated with the outlaw persona embodied by the band.***

an outlaw graphic

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(Video is the property of Outlaws & Moonshine)

***Please note that once the customer is given control of the site, they are free to make changes as they see fit. The current live site may not reflect my design skills if additional changes have been made. 

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