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engine room 8 

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Engine Room 8 Logo

about the client

Engine Room 8 stands as a distinguished consultancy with expertise in "embedded consulting". Merging technological prowess with industrious dedication, they have emerged as pioneers in their field. Opting for a steampunk-themed branding approach was a strategic decision, aligning seamlessly with their pursuit of establishing unwavering authority while embracing the steadfast "train" motif. The consultants at Engine Room 8 perceive their role akin to that of engine room crew, diligently feeding the coal into the burner to propel the locomotive forward.***

a mockup of a consultancy website on a laptop
a mockup of a consultancy website on a laptop

***Please note that once the customer is given control of the site, they are free to make changes as they see fit. The current live site may not reflect my design choices if additional changes have been made. 

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